Daylight Chemical Injection Pump-Solar

Description The DLP-S Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump was engineered to offer un-matched reliability, simplicity in operation, and efficiency in serviceability. The DLP-S Series Pump is constructed of the highest grade 316 SS, and is built to withstand corrosion in the harshest environments. The DLP-S is available in multiple configurations for a custom match in specific applications. Utilizing Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) seal technology, the DLP-S eliminates the guess work in matching seals with chemical. The UHMW seal offers superior performance with fewer replacements, resulting in low down time and operating consistency. The DLP-S is designed to isolate chemical from the motor and housing. Additionally, the fluid end and pump housing are easily accessed for simple installation. This environmentally friendly chemical injection solution delivers a precise injection rate utilizing an advanced digital control system, providing a pump that is built for endurance. With a standard LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, operating costs and downtime are drastically reduced, yielding consistent operation and worry-free maintenance.